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What is Unleash the Athlete?

UTA is a mental conditioning and leadership development company for Athletes, Coaches, and Gamers. We use interactive activities, team building exercises and research-based lecture to build mental skills and develop leadership qualities. 

50+ Team Building Activities for Athletes

In my work with teams over the past fifteen years, I have found activities like the ones in this course give teams two essential tools: a shared language and inside jokes. These are 52 of the best activities I know of, and I want you to be able to use them with your team.

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Leadership Development

Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less. Leadership is not something you can test; leadership happens when you are tested. The missing ingredient for most leadership development programs is the practicing of overcoming real adversity. Without the experience of making mistakes, leadership lessons are often forgotten before they are ever put to use. I teach the power of intentional communication (verbal, physical and digital), being intentional about increasing a person's ability to influence others, and the three levels of leadership (Do, Say, Be) one must go through to become a person of influence. 

Character Development: 

Character is the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual. In other words, it is the "ethos" of a person. In my work with hundreds of teams and thousands of athletes, a significant pattern has emerged, that of the importance of character to go alongside talent. Whether it is defining respect for young men or empowering young women to be their best self, lessons on character are crucial to the development of the person. 

Mental Conditioning:

Attention is the currency of performance. Athlete's need to be able to access their physical skills at all times. Skills such as goal setting, energy management, imagery, and mindfulness help maintain an athlete's composure, especially when under pressure. 


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