Intentional Growth. 

You can rely on your previous athletic experience to inform your playing and coaching experience, or you can save yourself years of mistakes by learning from those who came before you. 

Team Building Activities

In my work with teams over the past fifteen years, I have found activities like the ones in this course give teams two essential tools: a shared language and inside jokes. These are 50 of the best activities I know of, and I want you to be able to use them with your team. 

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Mental Toughness For Athletes

Are you looking to get the edge on your competition? Do you lack in confidence and struggle to focus? Imagine how great you could be if only you could master the mental game! Learn the tools the pros use to stay at the top of their mental game. 

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The New Youth Coach

Have you found yourself with the new title of "Coach" and don't know where to start? You could spend a few seasons trying to figure it out yourself, or you can take the information in this course and save yourself the mistakes I made in my first 15 years of coaching. 

This course is filled with information I wish I had known sooner about how to be a successful youth coach. 

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